Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The best handjob site ever!

I was yesterday on the telephone with the Jimmy H. and was still protesting approximately one girl of the handjob movie…. All the cineoperatori protest approximately they - comprised me. It turns out the Whore that of the Porno the Jimmy H. has taken outside to the lunch after that their shooting has ordered the more expensive thing on the menu, has had the ways of the table of a Neanderthal, then exceeds it to you outside with expensive drinks and two deserts, that it has eaten with she the hands. “And because there is some of this surprise? „I have asked to It. “It has simply ordered the more expensive thing on the menu because it could… and it has drunk like a cause that of the fish are all the alcoolizzati ones… and the bistick has eaten it & the lobster and the deserts with cause of the hands have not had someone to develop it until the exposure like behaving like one mrs. „The Jimmy H. has gemuto a little more.

“Tizio, if you held in wrong way my blade or staple while I cut my bistick, mine dad he has struck the merda from me of right here to the table. The thoughts you have even had a dad? „“That what is defective, „replied Jimmy. “To have dad that he has struck them around to cause you he has not held your right of the staple… or not having had dad at all. „“the posterior one, naturally. Handjob all this speaks about the ways adapts you to the lunch table? Why all speaking about the dads? I will admit digressed on the thing of the dad, but I must dirgli that approximately the time we were living in the secret Mansion of the Dogfart some years ago and after the execution of the guancie of Fionna - once for the black ones on the Blondes, therefore like taken she to the gloryhole secret - we have eliminated to the lunch. It was a such explosion! The entire square was here: Dogfart, same I, S.S., Justin Timberlakefeelsyourpain, Fionna, the producer and even Thomas motivating force! To speak about one square!! I will obtain to the point: someone has dared Fionna in order to jump the waiter. In means of the restaurant. And it has taken the challenge and it has gone down.

Well, that one is kind of lengthening of the truth, solo the cause was was not seating in means of the restaurant. Huddled over in an angle far away and all in the place could not see it. But some could. And Fionna has taken the challenge and the waiter has come over and was a tizio young - the type of the fight actor - and has said to it that approximately the challenge and he he watched them in the disbelief and he has watched Fionna, that he was, by now, unzipping its Moscow and enough sure… indovinato it. The waiter was obtaining jumped. In the restaurant. Of right the place. An image really exists. Task that the motivating force still has it. I wish that. I know that I have had it for a moment - attacked to my refrigerator with a magnet. And in order to think them a whore of the porn that they eat the Surf & the grassy carpet with the hands they were defective behavior.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Handjob movies to make you smile

Having a bad day? Need some guidance? Wonder why your wife left you for the pool boy (prolly his 12" cock)? Well here you go fellas. Something to cheer you up. A sloppy wet handjob. What is it that is so great about a handjob? I will tell you . ALL attention is devoted to you. A true handjob, a real one, is where you do nothing and just allow your cock to be tugged. And we deserver it don't we? We put up with a shitload of things from our women. So tonight, I want to dedicate a post to handjobs. So I found some killer free handjob movies, and free handjob pics. So take a fucking look.

They are from this site called ManoJob. I guess it comes from the old "mano y mano" thing. Makes sense eh? Well the chicks in these movies are hot as fuck. All the do is beat cocks. They talk right to you too. The part I and everyone hates about porn is the lame story, the dumb fucking dialog and the stupid interview. Fuck that. Just pull out your cock and let the bitch tug, suck or fuck it. Nuff said. So this site takes that advice and just has the broad talking to you. She talks dirty and lubes up a huge cock and beats it till she gets all messy. And you should see these loads some of the whores here take. Fucking buckets of cum!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Extreme Alex gagging blowjob

So, after firing off an email describing my displeasure at having to clean the remains of 100 dead roaches out of my new router and wipe the bug pooh out, I finally got a response. Here it is...

This is almost as nuts as those Extreme Alex movies. The gagging, puking, and other crazy shit this porn star does is incredible. Coming from the same people who brought you Extreme Holly, these movies and pics will be great quality and totally extreme.

I'm terribly sorry for what you experienced. A while back, I had a job where I retrieved cable boxes. I had picked up the Portal from one of the cable subscribers. I admit that one or two roaches had dropped out of the case but no more did after I shook it so I set it up on my computers. Seeing the roaches when I picked it up didn't surprise me nor would it you if you could see the squaller that some people live in. Be that as it may, as I said , I did use it with my home network without a problem. From the time I hooked it up to when I packed it for shipping to you, I saw no evidence of any more roaches. Believe me, if I had, I would have cleaned them out. I never would have shipped it to you in that condition had I known otherwise. I don't understand why I did not see any more roaches because I had moved the Portal several times. Not only when I was using it but in the process of listing it on Ebay. I mean, I had turned it sideways, upside down, laid it on its' side and taken it in and out of a box several times. I'm not doubting you. Indeed the jarring and vibrations in shipping may have shaken them loose. Don't know.

Like I said, I am sorry for your experience but I'm not sure what you mean that I have to "rectify" the situation before you leave feedback. After all, I did state in the auction that it was used but fully functional. However, I'd be glad to try and work this out to a mutually satisfactory end.

Waiting to hear from you,

What do I want to "rectify" the situation? How about some of my money back you asshat!! He even admits that bugs had fallen out of the damn Extreme Alex thing before he sent it! At this point I'm not sure whether to just leave him some negative feedback or just make an attempt to recover a couple of dollars. I'm still pretty grossed out about the whole deal! Give me some feedback people! Is it worth the hassle or should I just leave him some negative feedback and move on?

Sunday, October 30, 2005

More straight men go gay

There is something about a straight man that lights up my day. And even better... when STRAIGHT MEN GO GAY! I love the thought of a strong tough straight man making love to another man. It's like always wanting something you can't have. Well, you can finally have it. These are real straight men go gay movies. There is an ad in the paper which is looking for male models. And then whoever answers the calls and comes down is tempted into turning gay. And they are the hottest men you can find. Black bulls, white studs eveything you can think of. They even have the average fat guy. When straight men go gay, they lose their virginity for the first time, it's a glorious thing. It's like watching the BEST moment of a straight man's life. The minute the straight men go gay is a history changing point in his life. Leaving his wife for a hot buff twink, or bear. There is also a great reference for Straight Men at this blog I found.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Straight Men

Here is something you don't see everyday. No Way Am I Gay is a site that features straight men doing the unthinkable. They turn gay. Now they don't know what they are doing when they come to the photo shoot and then the director drops it on them. So most of these buff guys freak out, but stay cause they need the money or whatever reason. It's so great, straight men doing anything for money, and I mean ANYTHING.